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Biographical articles by Dr Barbara Hawgood

Pioneers of anti-venomous serotherapy: Dr Vital Brazil (1865-1950). Toxicon 30, 573-579, 1992.

The life and viper of Dr Patrick Russell MD FRS (1727-1805): physician and naturalist. Toxicon 32, 1295-1304, 1994.

Abbé Felice Fontana (1730-1805): founder of modern toxinology. Toxicon 33, 591-601, 1995.

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Francesco Redi (1626-1697): Tuscan philosopher, physician and poet. Journal of Medical Biography vol 11 (2003) 28-34. Summary

Francesco Redi "A mortal poison lurks in the bile" in Venom - Fear,fascination and discovery. Medical History Museum, University of Melbourne. Exhibition catalogue edited by Jacqueline Healey and Kenneth Winkel .p70 - description to accompany exhibit illustration on page 71 of the title page of "Experimenta circa generationem inscectorum" by Francesco Redi, 1671.

Endean, Robert. Talk presented at 6th Asia-Pacific Congress of the International Society on Toxinology, Cairns, Australia, July 2002. (talk as rtf file). Published in Special issue of Toxicon on Toxinology in Australia as:
The Marine Biologist - Bob Endean Toxicon vol 48 No 7 (1 Dec 2006) 768-779

Professor Bernardo Alberto Houssay MD (1887-1971), Argentine physiologist and Nobel Laureate. Journal of Medical Biography, vol 12 (2004) 71-76; (summary)

Professor Sir William Liley (1929-1983): New Zealand perinatal physiologist. Journal of Medical Biography, Vol 13 No 2 (May 2005) p82-88 (summary and journal cover, with portrait from this article)

For JMB papers below, reprints from the author will be pdf files

Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine, CIE (1860-1930): prophylactic vaccination against cholera and bubonic plague in British India. Journal of Medical Biography, Vol 15 (Feb 2007) p9-19 (summary and links to portraits)

Albert Calmette (1863-1933) and Camille Guérin (1872-1961): the C and G of BCG vaccine Journal of Medical Biography Vol 15 (Aug 2007) p139-146

Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943): discoverer of the plague bacillus, explorer and agronomist Journal of Medical Biography Vol 16 (Aug 2008) p167-172

Sir Michael Foster MD FRS (1836-1907): the rise of the British school of physiology Journal of Medical Biography Vol 16 (Nov 2008) p221-226

Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828) MD FRS, botanist, co-founder of the Linnean Society of London Journal of Medical Biography Vol 17 (May 2009) p116-119
Addendum: The archives of King's College London holds a volume entitled "Lectures on Botany by James Edward Smith MD FRS, President of the Linnean Society, delivered in the theatre, Guy's Hospital, 1796".

Sir Edward Mellanby (1884-1955) GBE KCB FRCP FRS: nutrition scientist and medical research mandarin Journal of Medical Biography Vol 18 (August 2010) p150-157

Medical memorials: Alexandre Yersin MD(1863-1943); Suoi dau near Nha Trang, Vietnam Journal of Medical Biography Vol 19 (August 2011) p138

Rosemary Biggs MD FRCP (1912-2001) and Katharine Dormandy MD FRCP (1926-1978): from laboratory to treatment and care of people with haemophilia Journal of Medical Biography, Vol 21 (February 2013) p41-48

Professor David Poswillo CBE (1927-2003): skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon, influential scientist, teacher and adviser. Journal of Medical Biography. February 2014 vol. 22 no. 1 44-52, see Abstract and links. Also available Sage publications - online first

Frederic Truby King and the Seacliff Asylum, Otago, New Zealand Friends of the College Archives Newsletter, Royal College of Psychiatrists, issue 12 winter 2013 p3-4

Alexander Falconer Sr seamen's missionary in New Zealand, son Alexander Falconer medical superintendent for mentally ill, grandson Murray Falconer neurosurgeon
Journal of Medical Biography.(in press) and available in Sage publications - online first

Alexander Falconer Sr (1843-1915) came from Scotland to New Zealand. A practical Christian, he set up places of relaxation for miners, sailors and soldiers; he became the Seamen's Missionary. Son, Dr Alexander Falconer (1874-1955) trained at Otago University Medical School. As medical superintendent for the mentally ill he urged the early introduction of psychotherapy. His son, Murray Falconer (1910-1977) was the first Nuffield Dominions Clinical Fellow, training in neurosurgery in Oxford. He was the first director of the Guy's-Maudsley Neurosurgical Unit in London and was internationally known for the surgical management of temporal lobe epilepsy in adults and children.

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