1. James BLACKMORE was born about 1799 in St George, Somerset.(1) (2) from age at death, age 40 in 1841 census, age 51 in 1851 census born "Somerset, St George" (which is probably Easton St. George or Easton in Gordano). He died on 17 Jun 1890 in Melbourne, AUS. (3) age 91 He was a builder and carpenter in Somerset. carpenter on 1839 birth cert of dtr, & in 1841 1851 census Wraxall Somerset; from age at death, age 40 in 1841 census of Wraxall Somerset (HO.107.956) as +
carpenter born in this county, age 51 in 1851 census for Wraxall Somerset +
(HO.107.1946) as Journeyman Carpenter born Somerset, St George. Enumerated +
after Coalpit Rd, next to Wanston's cottage, before Mill Lane.
Was organist at a church in Melbourne (family info.)

He was married to Mary Ann HOWLAND (daughter of Thomas HOWLAND) on 1 Dec 1828 in Wraxall, England.(4) in pr, by banns, bachelor & spinster of this parish, both signed, witnesses Shadrach? Weeks & Mary Pound?; on her death cert. marr. date is 1829. Mary Ann HOWLAND was born in 1810 in Stapleton, Glos, England. (1) from age at death, and death cert, and 1851 census of Wraxall Somerset age 41.
Probably Stapleton, Glos, 2« miles NE of Bristol, peculiar of the Bishop of Bristol, prs at Bristol. She died on 25 Nov 1883 in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.(5) (6)(7) Age 73; Memorial card in Excell family bible. death cert from documents with bible, gives father as Thomas Howland, carpenter; born Stapleton? England; married at Wraxhall England at age 19 to James Blackmore; lists 6 children with ages. She was buried in St Kilda general Cemetery, Melbourne, Australia. (8) Grave A-166 Age 32 in 1841 census Wraxall, age 41 in 1851 census Wraxall as laundress, both +
with husband James James BLACKMORE and Mary Ann HOWLAND had the following children:

child+2 i. Ellen BLACKMORE.
child3 ii. Charles BLACKMORE was born on 26 Jul 1831.(8) He was christened on 21 Aug 1831 in Wraxhall, Somerset. (9) He died before 1883.(10) (11) Day April 9th, year unknown not in 1841 census with his parents, would have been 10.
child+4 iii. Eliza BLACKMORE.
child+5 iv. Amilia BLACKMORE.
child+6 v. Mary Anne BLACKMORE.
child+7 vi. Clara BLACKMORE.