Excell family genealogy

The information here is about the Excell family, initially in Sussex and Wiltshire in England, then in Australia - mainly in Victoria. There is some information about Robertson and King and associated families, who went from Scotland to New Zealand.

The ancestor chart and descendant books linked below all come from a database held in Family Origins. There is some overlap between the different books.

Ancestors of Barbara Hawgood (maiden name Excell) as a pedigree chart, 6 generations

Barbara Hawgood was born in New Zealand, daughter of Athol Frederick Excell (1897 - 1986) and Lorna Airini Robertson (1899 - 1989).

Families of English Ancestors

Descendants of Hezekiah Excell (book format) (4 generations to Athol Frederick Excell etc).

Hezekiah EXCELL was born about 1750. He bought land in Chichester, Sussex, England in 1786, and died there in 1803.

Descendants of John Weller (book format)

John WELLER was born about 1730 in Sussex, England. He was a farmer from 1780 in Lancing, Sussex and died there in 1797. His daughter Ann Weller (1760 - 1852) married Hezekiah Excell in 1791 in Chichester, Sussex.

Descendants of James Blackmore (book format)

James BLACKMORE was born about 1799 in Somerset, England. He died in 1890 in Melbourne, Australia. His daughter Mary Ann Blackmore married William Henry Excell in 1860 in Australia.

Descendants of Henry Banwell (book format)

Henry Banwell was born in England, married in Axbridge, Somerset, and emigrated to Australia. His daughter Mary Ann Banwell married Isaac Barclay (1851 - 1928) - see family above.

Descendants of Robert Brodribb of Clutton, Somerset (book format)(seven generations)

Information on the descendants of Robert Brodribb of Clutton, Somerset. Information about family in England, and William Adams Brodribb who went to Australia, is mainly from a booklet published by that family in Australia in 1916. Information about siblings and ancestors of Malcolm Hebden Brodribb, born 1873 in Ararat, Victoria, Australia, is from Australian Vital Records. Information about his descendants is from family sources.
Please note I have no information not already on these pages.

Descendants of William Hughes (book format) (2 generations)

William Hughes had a son Thomas Hughes who married Clara Ann Last in Southwark, Surrey, England in 1841. Their daughter Clara Ann Hughes emigrated to New Zealand and married William Campbell King.

Families of Scottish Ancestors

Scottish Ancestor (who moved to England) of Excell family

Family of John Barkley (book format)

John Barkley was a Scot. His son Walter was born in Kircudbrightshire and moved to England, and in 1851 to Australia. His son Isaac BARCLAY was born in 1851 in the East End of London, England, and died on 12 Apr 1928 in Windsor, Victoria, Australia. His daughter Ruth Gertrude Excell married Melbourne Frederick William Excell, in Australia.

Scottish Ancestors of King family in New Zealand

William King married Mary Thomson Campbell in Paisley, Scotland in 1845. They emigrated to Australia about 1855, and on to New Zealand about 1861. The pages here show King families in Scotland and New Zealand, Campbell and Thomson families in Scotland. Much of the information comes from one King family tree prepared in 1914 in New Zealand - we are not sure of the accuracy of earlier parts.

Descendants of Alexander King (book format) (5 generations)

Descendants of Hugh Campbell (book format) (3 generations)

Descendants of John Thomson (book format) (2 generations)

Scottish Ancestors of Robertson family in New Zealand

John Robertson married Euphemia Guthrie in Scotland in 1862, and they emigrated to New Zealand. These pages show their families in Scotland, and some descendants in New Zealand

Descendants of Robert Guthrie (book format) (three generations)

Descendants of John Robertson (book format) (three generations)

Descendants of Robert Breckinridge (book format) (two generations)

Ancestors of some spouses of New Zealand relatives

Descendants of James Winteridge (book format - three generations). James Winteridge was born in Hampshire, England in 1800; his ancestors were from the Isle of Wight. His grand-daughter Angelina Sarah Winteridge was married in 1902 in London to William Edmund King - who was born in New Zealand, and returned with Angelina to New Zealand where they raised a family.

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