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The ancestor chart and descendant books linked below all come from a database held in Family Origins (later moved to RootsMagic). There is some overlap between the different books. "David Hawgood's Ancestors" includes my known ancestors and their siblings - there is only a separate book for a surname if I know of more relatives. These files are not intended to include living relatives.

Relatives of David Hawgood, who prepared these web pages

David Hawgood's Ancestors (12 generations)

Northamptonshire Hawgoods and descendants - John Hawgood was in Church Brampton, Northamptonshire from at least 1565 until he was buried there in 1611/12. (10 generations of descendants from John Hawgood born c. 1540)

Cass family Anthony Cass of Malton, North Yorkshire; father of Michael Cass who was a brick layer and mason in Malton and Beverley in Yorkshire, then moved to Lincoln. Michael's daughter Sarah married William Lilburn in Lincoln in 1837; see "Ancestors of David Hawgood" and "Lilburn family" for further relatives. (3 generations of descendants from Anthony Cass, born 1751).

Float family Edward Float born about 1670 was a maltster in Walberton, Sussex; his daughter Elizabeth married John Sapp. See "Ancestors of David Hawgood" and "Sapp family" for more relatives.(3 generations of descendants)

Leder/de Lorme families The Leder family is from Switzerland, the de Lorme family from Cologne (France or Prussia). Children of both families came to England, and Fanny Caroline de Lorme married Charles John Leder (Karl Johan Leder) in 1878. Their son married Marjorie Robinson of Lincoln. See Robinson and Lilburn families for more relatives. (4 generations of ancestors of Louis Alfred de Lorme Leder born 1892).

Lilburn family William Lilburn was the Police Detective Inspector in Lincoln up to 1877. See "Ancestors of David Hawgood" and "Robinson family" for more relatives. (5generations of descendants from George Lilburn b. 1750)

Robinson family One member of this family is William Bennet Robinson, an illustrator on the Illustrated London News, who married Susanna Lilburn in Lincoln in 1896. See Lilburn family and Leder/de Lorme families for more relatives. "Ancestors of David Hawgood" includes two Robinson families - the other includes Susanna Robinson of Ludford who married George Taylor in 1831. (5 generations of descendants from Isaac Robinson born c. 1798)

Sapp family The Sapp family of Slindon and Walberton in Sussex were maltsters; some descendants went to Hampshire - a veterinary surgeon, a chemist - but most stayed in Sussex. Eveline Mary Sapp and John Leonard Hawgood of Brighton married in 1904. See "Ancestors of David Hawgood" for more relatives, also the Float family. (9 generations of descendants from Richard Sapp born about 1590)

Taylor family George Taylor was born in New York, near Boston in Lincolnshire, England, in 1811. His daughter Harriet Ann married William Henry Lilburn in Lincoln in 1867. See "Lilburn family" and "Ancestors of David Hawgood" for more information (2 generations of descendants from George Taylor born 1811).

Toplis family The Toplis family were tobacconists in the East of London. Susanna Butler married John Toplis, and when he died married his brother James Toplis in 1847. Their daughter Louisa married John Hawgood. See "Ancestors of David Hawgood" for more relatives of James Toplis, and Descendants of Edward Toplis for more descendants of John Toplis. Another John Toplis has supplied a transcript of a recording made by his father Edward Toplis; this describes the tobacco business in London, and other family history. (3 generations of descendants from Stephen Toplis born about 1745, and 3 generations of descendants from Edward Toplis born 1838)

Other Hawgood families

John Morris Hawgood was born in Northamptonshire in 1841, son of Fanny Hawgood. He became a carpenter in London. He is probably related to the Northamptonshire Hawgoods above - but we don't know Fanny's parentage. (2 generations of descendants from Fanny Hawgood born about 1820)

Yorkshire: Family of William Hawgood, born about 1790 in Woodford, Essex, who became a watchmaker in Pocklington, Yorkshire (3 generations of descendants from Thomas Hawgood born about 1760)

George Hawgood, Coachman of Clapham John Hawgood married Anne Swinton in London in 1792. They brought up a family in Clapham, south London. One son, George John Hawgood, became an omnibus coachman in Clapham. (4 generations of Descendants from John Hawgood born c. 1768)

Derby and Rutland: Henry Hawgood married in 1814 in Rutland, had eight children there, and moved to Derby. (3 generations of descendants from Henry Hawgood born 1787)

Wales and USA: A Hawgood family was in Dale, Pembrokeshire from 1810. Some of the family emigrated to Milwaukee, USA, in 1851. (3 generations of Descendants from Henry Hawgood born about 1762)

Canadian descendants ofWelsh Hawgod family. John Hawgood baptised 1812 in Welsh family went to Canada. This gives information on some of his descendants - not complete.

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